Saturday Ride To Rainy City

Sector go(w)es to Bogor!On 16th October 2010 we’re planning to do a mass ride to Bogor, and by major suggestion we are agreed that we’re gonna start the ride at the morning, we have to start from 5am sharp, because we want to avoid crowded street and latter on we will pick our check point, we have calculated the distance from Bintaro to Bogor is around 48km, if we ride with average of 15km/h (include break) we’ll arrived around 9am there, and hopefully our friends from Rainycityfix will guide us there, and before that we are here to spread the term of condition if you want to ride with us to Bogor

Which is :

  1. Safety is a must, by that we are suggesting you to install your brake minimum your front brake, wear your helmet, bring your lights, and bags.
  2. Every person who come with us having their own responsibility to their self and rest of the member on this trip, don’t ever come with no permission if you have parents who worried about you, don’t do something stupid that will disturb our trip.
  3. Every person must have a spare of minimum 1 inner tube and 1 tire, we suggest you boughtย  a maxxis detonator because it can be flipped and packed on your bag, and for those who have tools please bring it, we wont leave if we don’t have enough tools to ensure that our trip is safe.
  4. Prepare your self with things that you need, maintained yourย  health condition, and please take a good good rest before you ride with us.
  5. We don’t use four rider on this trip, so we separate the colony into teams, each team contain 7 people one of them will be the leader of the team, and hopefully we can rent a Walkie Talkie to keep in touch with the other teams.

Meanwhile this is what we have for you guys today, we will update the info soon enough, we will post the route, we will give the solution for this trip, we will make it happen…. !!!

We are hoping for someone who will gladly bring their cars and be the sweeping team which will go far away behind us, and they bring medicine, and a place for injured members or bikes

NB : we are gladly accept anyone outside ofย  Sector if you want to ride with us, please share this link and add your comment or suggestion on this page…..

24 Responses to “Saturday Ride To Rainy City”
  1. ully says:

    lesss gooo…. !!!!

  2. Big Guzz says:

    Bismillahirohmanirohim… Insya Allah READY!

  3. aan says:

    Insya Allah ikut pak, saya cek ktr HT dipakai gak, kalo gak dipakai oleh kantor mungkin bisa kita bawa, jadi gak perlu sewa….

  4. Anang Racha says:

    “I’m in…!”

  5. riow ( RainCityFixed ) says:

    jangan lupa bawa jas hujan atau jacket yang anti air,. maklum kota hujan ๐Ÿ˜€

    dan mudah2an temen2 di bogor bisa hadir semua

    happy riding

  6. engga says:

    Cuusss cyiiinnnn…

  7. Zoee says:

    R E A D Y ! !

  8. ricky volta says:

    halo bro2 semua kita di bogor nih,mau tanya rutenya dari parung atau gimana?biar bisa disambut ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. fixedsector says:

    hallo kawan2 dari raincityfix terima kasih ni atas antusiasnya, sebelumnya kita minta maaf karena kita gak bisa berangkat malem2 untuk nite ride disana, karena kekhawatiran kita dengan kondisi perjalanan menuju kesana,
    rute kita adalah Ciputat, Parung, Bogor, mungkin meeting pointnya di kebon raya Bogor untuk kemudian kita leyeh di dedaunan, atau kalian yg dari Bogor punya masukan meeting point yg lebih enak, kami akan menampung dan merembukan bersama, thanks sebelumnya ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. husen rosadi says:

    yang penting jalan beriringan tanpa putus

    • fixedsector says:

      beriringan tapi perkelompok maksimum 7 orang, kita gak mau beriringan rame2 ampe akhirnya membahayakan pengguna jalan lain, termasuk diri kita…. oleh karena itu bung aan sangat2 di tunggu pinjaman HT nya…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. theoaja says:

    “tolong Baim ya Allah….”

  12. Wishing u guys a blessing trip dari Padang:) ride safely guys


  13. ariosaurus says:

    Ya Allah, semoga A’im sampe bogor dengan selamat Ya Allah,,,

  14. Alan says:

    I’m in mempersiapkan dari sekarang *gak sabar

  15. Zoee says:

    Support terus ya guys, klo ada masukan2 sangat diterima ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. husen rosadi says:


  17. Big Guzz says:

    visa gowes dr godmother ga dikeluarin….
    tapi Insya Allah bisa bawa mobil (innova) buat rescue car&sweeper…

  18. Zoee says:

    It’s getting closer guys, don’t forget to prepare your Bike, Body, and Soul ๐Ÿ™‚

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