At the beginning we united with the name “Bintaro Fixed Gear and Single Speed Society” that had been formed by many of  Fixed Gear riders on Bintaro’s district

But as time goes on and many of our member is outside of  Bintaro so we agreed to change the society name into SECTOR, so this society becomes more common for all people who rides bike, not only for people who lived on Bintaro, and the name selection SECTOR because it is still characterize Bintaro district.

We all agreed our best time to hanging up with each other is on :

Every Wednesday night :
Burger n Grill, Bintaro,  9 pm (only on Ramadhan )

Sunday Morning :
Around bintaro, 6 am

7/11 Grand Indonesia,  8 am

And off course we will always joining other community specially ID-FIXED which is the roof for all of Fixed Gear Community on Indonesia, we join others Community events like, mass ride, exhibitions, competitions, bike market, and anythings that go with bikes.

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