Ied Sunday

It was Sunday, but not your regular Sunday. It was two days after Eid and, what boosted it up even more, that day was Car Free Day here in Jakarta. So, we decided to hit the road and  had a little Halal Bilahal on the ride.

We started at Circle K Organon. Went all the way down to Monas. Had a giant slice of pizza in Grand Lucky SCBD for breakfast. Fooled around a little at the famous SCBD underpass. Headed back. Had a quick stop over at our Pappa Zoe‘s place to quench our thirsts–was a bright shiny day.

Jakarta was pretty that day. Less cars (YAY). Less pollution (YAYER). Bluer-than-ocean sky (YAYEST). It was a fantastic, fantastic day in the city. Big thanks to those people who had to visit their relatives out of town due to Eid. Thank you and don’t come back here please.

Eid Mubarak, chaps! Minal Aidin Walfaidzin. Let’s all be a better person for the upcoming months and years and decades, forever on. ‘Till next post!

P.S: Ride safe, your family awaits you at home.

2 Responses to “Ied Sunday”
  1. Denny DSU says:

    awesome ride with you sector guys..!

  2. Zoee says:

    Viva la Sector!

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